Mayhem Paintball, Essex

" Robin Hirst - Ive been to Mayhem paintball 16 times and every time its got better. There is always something new to experience from levels to equipment and i enjoy each time better than the last. "

Schools & Students

Mayhem Paintball is ideal for birthday parties for under-18s. If you have 20+ players you will be guaranteed your own private game, where you get split in half and just play with your friends throughout the day. If there's any particular fields that you'd like to play on the day, just let your marshals know at the start of the day and we'll do our upmost to get you playing your favourite fields. Our minimum age is 12. If any one is under 18 they need a disclaimer form signed by a parent or guardian, which can be signed on the day at Mayhem or found here at We also offer outdoor Laser tag which is awesome from the ages of 7yrs old. Our equipment is second to none, what sets us apart from the competition is our goggles are extremely comfortable and have a thermal double glazed lens as standard, which makes a days play far more enjoyable, as you can see what your shooting at and of course there is no need to lift your goggles up, ensuring our impeccable safety record since 1987. We also have safe-areas on every field, which is very important for under-18s when playing paintball, as after each game the players can go to an area which is netted off from all paintballs and the players can take a breather in-between games with their goggles off, staying 100% safe.

If you have any special requirements for your day, please feel free to call us on 01708 688517 / 0207 6005030

Under 18 pre-pay packages

The pre-pay packages are an all inclusive, no hassle, full day package that all include day fee, gas, overalls and have 4 paint options:

  • All of the above excluding Paintballs£9.99 each
  • All of the above including 200 paintballs each £19.99 per person
  • All of the above including 300 paintballs each £24.99 per person
  • All of the above including 500 paintballs each £34.99 per person

For more pricing details and options please see our Pricing page

Please note that a £10 a head deposit must be paid at least 10 days prior to play and all package deals must be pre-paid in full at least 3 days before the date of play, and can be for any number of players with over 20 people you can have your own private.  For last minute booking please call Mayhem on 01708 688517.

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