Mayhem Big Game


2016 The Pacific 6 will be August 26-28th, we will again will endeavor to bring a great game i don't believe anyone else round the county puts as much effort in to a game as we do.  More info will be coming soon mean while here are some reviews of the Mayhem Big game years gone by.


FSUP website
Mayhem have out done themselves again this year, The weekend paintball event was awesome! Everyone and I mean everyone enjoyed it. The event was well planned and the playing fields were top-notch. Every member of staff got everyone involved which makes the day even better.
The attention to detail was really good and not any event so far can even touch it. The afternoon games and the bar and food made the event like no other seen before. The tech tent was busy all weekend offering a top quality gun/marker repair service.
If you didn’t take part this year you really missed out, and make sure you can attend next years event!
some quotes from players on the day
What a great weekend. On Saturday you had people playing paintball, people make new friends at the bar and some just catching up with mates.on the subject of the bar what a cracker. Well done Stuart and well done mayhem. The best big game I’ve been to.
Great game and weekend at Mayhem thanks guys   . Due to the heat and my asthma playing up unfortunately had to retire at dinnertime. but great additions from last year, great site and great people look forward to next year 
Duuuuudes what a big game!!!!! Last year was awesome but this years was even better!!!!! The work and planning on the maps,the marshals and all the staff were excellent!!! FSUP loved every minute of it!!! Awesome seeing the usual ballers and meeting new dudes!!!! Thanx again…. Ash….out

Dave Fsup Hughes



This years will be far far bigger with Northern hordes coming down from Birmingham (yes its above Watford so its north) and Yonder and when i say Yonder i mean proper "North" pies, gravy and fried Mars Bar country.

Rumours are rife of the Mighty BZ paintball led by Tom & Paul Banks coming down to reclaim a beer debt and shoot some “southern fairy’s” are circulating .

General Ged is back meaner then ever, after recent victory’s at the Fantastic Timewar’s, a top secret training camps across the midlands, and rumours of that Jim Frencham the Master mind behind North vs South have joining Jeds forces two mighty heavy weights in Paintball coming down to Sunny Essex for a reem weekend, Jim has even brought up all the Fake tan in Wolverhampton in preparation.

So what does this all mean, lots more scenario teams booking in and we are going to have a bar this year and proper northern bar at that. We are expanding Saturday will have far more going on, there will be:

Trade stands – to be confirmed

TPX Challenge – Led by Paul Banks

New field to go with the new field we built end of last year, A call of duty Map replica town we are knocking down the the wild west and rebuilding this year’s big game will be bigger we Literally are expanding out widening the field though Speedball, our sup air field and the wild west will be replaced by a town.

Mayhem’s 25th birthday party – another excuse to play so we need a bar in the players area.


Formula 5 Saturday John Sosta will be running a formula 5 style scenario game on the Saturday.



After our massively successful 2011 Mayhem Big Game: The Pacific, Mayhem paintball would like to invite one and all to our 2012 Big Game ‘The Pacific 2.’ 

After a close victory for the United States of America, the Japanese forces have vowed to regain the pacific islands and maintain control for good. As the dust settles, and calm flows over the battlefield, each leader gathers what few troops remain and start to plan the future of their nations. The victors, the United States of America set about fortifying positions and laying a claim to the land they have fought for, the Japanese retreat into hiding, healing their wounded, gathering what resources they can and begin plotting revenge. After 12 months of training, planning and forging alliances, the Japanese are ready to regain control over the Pacific Islands, or die trying. This year’s Big Game promises to be bigger and better than ever before, with grudges to settle, and honor to restore.
Once again our event will be held across the whole weekend, this year being the 18th and 19th of August.
In the bloody battle that follows little is known of the enemy or the outcome, although one thing is for sure, each and every warrior will die a hero’s death, where the fight is to the end and death will always come before dishonor.

This year, the nation’s leaders will once again be led by 2 of the greatest names paintball has ever known.
Leading the headband wearing Japanese troops, owner of W D P and the amazing NPF site in Birmingham, founder of Angel paintball, and the Don King of the Paintball world . . . . . . . MR GED GREEN.
And back to defend his title from last year, the James Dyson of the paintball world, designer creator and founder of the brilliant Formula 5 event, creating accuracy by firepower . . . . . . .MR JOHN SOSTA

On the evening of the 18th nations will begin to strategically move troops into position, training will commence around 17:00 in the shape of mini skirmishes and shaped games. Soldiers start to assess the enemy, with troops normally ending up surrounding General Ged’s War Winnebago.
Sunday the 19th all troops will assemble on the battle ground and fight to the death for re-control of the pacific. The battle will take place in two parts: the morning followed by a lunch break and then continue into the afternoon until there is only one true victor.

Mayhem Paintball has arguably the best site in the country, with 40+ acres of fantastic playing areas, featuring Tanks, Aeroplanes, Helicopters, A.P.Cs, Urban areas, massive woodland areas and even our very own Fighter Jet. We have brick built on-site showers, changing rooms, and huge indoor and outdoor staging areas, and separate male and female toilets.

Our big game event will run over the weekend of the 18/19th of August, starting with booking-in opening at 16:00 and a variety of evening games including COD themed missions, Formula5 games and awesome night games under our floodlights, and running from 17.00 Saturday evening until around 21.30 at night. We have a selection of floodlit fields and we will be running games such as Search and Destroy, Sabotage, Headquaters on the UK’s First Call of Duty Replica Map, THE closest thing to playing COD for real!
We will also once again be running our amazing scenario formula 5 event. Working in conjunction with the creator, Mayhem will once again recreate our own unique version of formula 5. This is normally a more tournament-style game, however using the brilliant fields we have on our site we have been able to adapt this into a more walk-on friendly tactical game.

Sunday morning will see registration and booking in re-open at 7am, and the Big Game itself. This year the big game will be played in two halves, with a 45 minute lunch break separating the game. The big game is the only Mayhem event where B.Y.O paint is allowed, although we do reserve the right to refuse paint used if it causes a safety issue or concern. We will of course be selling paint on site and hope to have up to 5 different grades of paint available throughout the day. Mayhem will also be running a paint token system, allowing you to collect your paint on the field, per bag of 500, to save you having to carry a large amount of paint around the field with you. We will also have air stations at each base and at the staging area, meaning you will be able to get gas and paint in the field.

Standard ticket
£49.99 pp
Evening pass to Night games on the evening of the 18th of August
Entry to scenario style Formula 5 games
Unlimited 3k gas fills across 3 different points
Free gun-teching service
Entry to the camping (with access to brick built showers: morning, day and night!)
Players ticket for the Big Game on the Sunday
London central line pick up/drop off service

EXTRA Early Bird Tickets
£65 - Extra special early bird ticket
Standard ticket, including a case of paint (sterling Shield)
Saving you a massive £25 per ticket!!
£59.95 Early bird ticket
Standard ticket, including a case of paint (selection available)

Rental Package - if you need to borrow kit
Inferno Paintabll Gun, Bottle and Hopper Rental
Camouflage overalls and Battlepack Rental
Thermal Goggles Rental